A Guide to Corporate Gifts In Dubai


How to send corporate gifts that will make an impression and won’t end up in the bin!You’ve probably received at least one before in your life 😉 gifts from a company, sent as thank-yous for your business. But far too often these gifts wind up stashed and forgotten in a drawer somewhere, worse, are tossed immediately into the bin. But you can give gifts that are appreciated and that strengthen the customer’s relationship with your company. Here are five tips to make sure your gifts stand out and are appreciated:1. Don’t go overboardGifts are meant to show gratitude for the personal relationship you have with the customer, not for the value of the business they do with you. If you send a gift that’s too expensive or valuable, it can imply that you’re trying to bribe them or buy the customer’s business. When it comes to showing gratitude for that personal relationship, less expensive is best.2. Give something usefulThe best customer gifts are also useful to customers in their daily business activities. Look for something that makes life easier for them or solves a problem. For example if you know a client whose employees use pencils in their line of work, and noticed that the quality of the pencils was generally poor and often had no home. As a gift, your company can purchase high-quality pencils with your logo printed on them and give them in jars full to each department or shop that that company has. This simple gift can be a huge success as it is useful, and it shows the individual care and thought you put into your customers gift.3. Sell the giftWhen you give a gift, be sure to explain either in person to the customer or in your card as to why you selected it and why you thought they would appreciate it. You want them to know that you took special effort and thought in the gift selection. People want to do business with companies they trust and that care about them, and the special effort shows that you do care.4. Make it specialThe best gifts are the unique ones, the ones that stand out from the others your customers receive, or are received at a time the customer wouldn’t expect it. When I was back in UK, I saw many companies send out customer gifts every year around Christmas time, but I once worked at one place that decided to do its major gift-giving around Valentine’s Day. On February 14, we would deliver a large box of chocolates or fragrance for the client’s employees along with a smaller heart-shaped box of chocolates for the business owner. I noticed that sending gifts on Valentine’s Day instead of Christmas helped my companies presents stand out from the normal holiday routine and because it came as a surprise and without competition, it was more appreciated. Some of the workers even found it attractive to forward their gift as a gift from themselves to family or loved ones 😉5. Don’t violate any lawsBe aware of any legal constraints on corporate gift-giving in your industry or your client’s industry. There may be federal, state, or local laws that prohibit certain kinds of gifts in the UAE. Some government authorities may not allow gifts at all. It’s always good to remember that because UAE is a majority Muslim population despite the high multi cultural rate, gifts such as expensive bottles of wine or certain experience gifting that you may find humorous may be insulting and not have the same effect or reaction you originally expected. Muslims do not celebrate Christmas so maybe Eid would be a more appropriate time. Take the time out to research your clients and their interests, this will always pay off. For example, majority of Emirati’s are more family orientated and so would probably appreciate something he or she can enjoy or experience with their family rather than an experience you would normally expect from a night out with the lads!


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