A Short Guide to Corporate Gifting

Businesses are all about building and maintaining relationships. Be it a client, or an employee, good relationships are the lifeblood of a business, and nurtures the business. This is where corporate gifting comes into play.

Presenting your intended party with a token of appreciation or gratitude can go a long way in forming healthy bonds with them. It is also an effective marketing strategy! Even if it is a showpiece with your company’s logo, your recipient is most probably going to place it on his/her shelf or showcase. Everyone’s then gonna know your name!

Kill many birds with the same gift-wrapped stone, with these corporate gifting tips and tricks.

#1 Know your recipient. Before gifting your client, learn about his/her company policies regarding gift-giving. Some companies restrict such practices, and it is always better to know if giving a gift is allowed. You don’t want to strain the relationship before you build one.

#2 Customize. When it comes to gifting at the corporate level, it is always safer to stick to standardized gifts as you don’t really know your recipient’s preferences. To make it more personal, customize the gift; add the client’s name or your logo, or both. Now your client knows that you have put in some time and effort to give the gift. If you are in the UAE, contact us at SMS Trading to order specially customized corporate gifts, exactly how you want it.

#3 Don’t go overboard! Try to make it minimal but significant, and avoid overwhelming your client with extravagant gifts. A simple yet stylish Balmain pen, or the Milano Office Set, can do the trick. Get them personally engraved at SMS Trading!

#4 Present it well.  No matter how expensive or beautiful your gift is, if the way you present and deliver is disappointing, it makes the whole act pointless. Make sure you take good care of the whole process until it reaches your recipient’s hands. It is also best to hand over the gift in person, as it will mean a lot more to your client, and they will probably remember it always. An extra effort always speaks volumes, so don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to your client.

SMS Trading is your go-to destination for corporate gifting in the UAE. Choose from our large collection of gifts, and experience the best of online shopping. For customizing and other services, contact us and we will take care of the rest!



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