Best Gifts Ideas For Women Dubai


Many women say it’s the thought that counts in a gift. We say it’s nice if it’s fabulous as well! Our collection of unique gifts can be personalized for her, showing that thought and planning went into the purchase. Browse our categories of gift ideas for women, which include personalized jewelry, travel accessories, and custom-printed home decor, such as pillows, and prints with personal messages or photos on them. Find the perfect gifts for her this Valentines Day at smstrading.ae/blogMost women in the work place are usually in their 20s or over, but if your a women in your 30’s that doesn’t mean that LIFE is over! Many women who are thirty-something would love to receive a gift that’s practical, pretty, and useful in some way or form. We rounded up the best or most popular gifts for your girl friends, employees or work colleagues in their 30’s or beyond for your inspiration 😉PerfumeWomen love to smell good and anything that smells good, some may say perfume can be personal and an acquired taste. There are many fragrances out there that are neutral, sweet, floral, cool or fresh, many of us tend to stick to one thing that we like and not leaving room for change and chances to explore. Sometimes it takes a refreshing change to break out of the norm and find a new favorite!JewelleryNow we all know Jewellery is a classic favorite, a girl can never have too much earrings or bracelets but how to be different? Why not personalize the item to make it unique to her? Or maybe choose an item she may not have as much of, for example a broach?Bath Salts & AccessoriesLadies love to bathe, there’s nothing like coming back from a long day at work and having a relaxing bath with incense and candles. Bath salts and accessories really do add to that perfection and although many women will slack in going the full wack to pamper themselves in these little but luxurious additions, its always welcomes with a big smile as a gift from someone else!Cook BookWe know not every woman has a love for cooking but they all have a sweet tooth at some point of the day, a dessert cook book for ideas or healthy options is always a winner and easily appreciated from all around her.New Diary/Year Plannerwomen love to be organized, they have a natural instinct for planning. Investing in a new diary or year planner is always a good thought, women love diaries, and they can be used for many things other than what they are supposed to. They come in all shapes and sizes and with many pretty designs to choose from who can resist?CandlesCandles are a ladies 2nd best friend after the diamonds 😉 Candles can be used to sooth and relax the soul and also as a romantic gesture and feeling of comfort and wanting. Candles come is so many different, sweet and scented designs to fit any style or room in the home.Scarf Or ShawlThe Scarf or shawl is a classic and age friendly option, they come in many different styles and sizes and available in many different prices to suit your budget, they are another classy accessory that are well loved and suitable to wear for all occasions, whether its round your neck or on you head imitating Audry Hepburn, it’s never a no no 😉House PlantFlowers are a common beautiful gift, colorful and scented, a beautiful breathe of fresh air, but then their time is up and they die. A plant however can be a long term pleasure and enjoyment but with it comes a commitment, a commitment to nurture it and maintain it, this fulfills that natural caring challenge women have within them, a comfort and joy and type of bonding, plants can also be seen as giving the same fulfillment as a pet would, it blooms and beams at the one who takes out the time to love, to care and groom it 😉Personalized ItemsAny item can be given that instant special value when seen to be personalized, that thought and words or picture chosen, makes all the more difference. Before personalized items were limited to jewellery but now it can be anything from a mug to a cushion, it could be romantic or thoughtful, sweet or kind, humerus or motivating. the limits are endless when you think of all the possibilities. We offer a customization service on many items sold on our online store, be sure to visit us and see what you can find;)We hope you enjoyed this post and have found our suggestions helpful, we wish you all happy gifting and look forward to your comments and feedback.Best Gifts Ideas For Women Dubai


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