Corporate Gifting When You Are Abroad

Growing your business can often mean pushing the boundaries to international partnerships and collaborations. This involves meeting and greeting people from diverse backgrounds, which can be highly rewarding, and at the same time extremely challenging. You have to keep your international clients or partners happy without managing to offend a culture which you don’t know much about. If ti have experienced it, you know what we are talking about!

Understand gifting etiquettes!

The merits of corporate gifting are many, and highly beneficial in the competitive corporate world. While it is an easy business in your home country, it can turn extremely sensitive when you are abroad. What if you want to show a token of appreciation to an overseas client or partner? You have to learn whether it is accepted in their country or not. Some cultures may see it as a bribe, so it is better to avoid in such cases. In most situations, however, gifts can do wonders in nurturing a winning relationship. The key is to learn about their cultures and understand their gifting ethics. Make sure your gift does not contain anything inappropriate. Also be familiar with their system of handshakes and other etiquettes.

An important thing to consider is the customization. While custom gifts are preferred in your local business environment, it is always better to stay away from branding and overly printing your logos on gifts to avoid the risk of misconception of advertising. A better idea would be to customize using elements that represent your country, like the colors of the flag. Such gifts stay special with anyone and they will remember who their special client is. 

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