Debossing for Custom Leather Products

How do you turn a gift into a corporate gift? Simply brand the corporate elements like logos and taglines somewhere on the gift, and lo! You have a custom gift that can be a great tool in promoting your business. While printing works for apparel and stationery, the same can’t be done for leather products. If you plan on giving wallets and other similar items, customiIng follows a slightly different procedure. Foiling is a technique that works with leather, but they aren’t generally durable and may wear out during the product’s use.

That’s where debossing comes in. Not to be confused with embossing, which is another way of engraving leather goods with your corporate details, debossing essentially involves imprinting depressions in leather in the shape of your desired art work. Metal stamps are created in the required design prior to debossing, which is then dyed and pressed on to the material. This way, the logo or art work stays on the product as long as the product lasts, preserving your company’s reputation in the process. Take a look at this Colibri Ladies Wallet to see a debossed design!

You can find more leather products at our online store at SMS Trading. Drop us a line to get them debossed and personalized! We offer a smooth and fast purchase and delivery process. 


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