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How often have you wished that you got cash instead of a gift? More than that, how often have you wished you could give cash as a gift instead of spending painful hours choosing one? But unless it is your ten year old niece, cash is an inappropriate gift idea. That’s where gift cards come to save you.

You will agree with me that a gift card is the ultimate gift. Not only does it allow the receiver the freedom to choose what they want, but it also preserves the idea of a gift. No wonder that gift cards have monopolized the gifting industry for nine years in a row, as discovered by Gift Card Granny.

So why can’t we just buy gift cards all the time? It is argued that most gift cards go unused, but so do most gifts. It all comes down to how much thought you put into buying and presenting your gift card. If you are lost, here are a few tips for you.

  • Know your loved one’s favorite restaurant or retailer!
  • Do not blindly purchase the card. Read carefully and find out if there are any additional expenses while using the card.
  • Once you buy your card, try not to just gift it straight away. The key is to make it personal. No, that doesn’t mean gift wrapping the card. Add a handmade card or a souvenir that revokes a special memory and you are good to go!
  • Here is a great idea- why don’t you gift a day out? Simply mix a few cards to a retailer, a spa, and a restaurant, so that your loved one can go on a shopping spree, get pampered, and enjoy a good meal, courtesy of you. Now that is a day well spent.

Abu Umar Abdurahman

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