Italian Glass Qahwa Cup Set

Gahwa,Qahwa,Coffee,glass cup set,Italy,Italian,Arabic,Business

Ingrained in customs and hospitality, Arabic coffee finds a prominent position in traditional Arabic feasts, special occasions such as Ramadan and Eid, and even during social gatherings as well as business meetings. It is not only unique in terms of its preparation but also for its serving and the way it’s savored. Finjaan – a cute but tiny and delicate cup – is used to serve Arabic coffee. At most, it will be only half-filled, and the guest should have at least one cup of Arabic coffee, although the custom is to drink at least three cups πŸ˜‰Gahwa,Qahwa,Coffee,glass cup set,Italy,Italian,Arabic,BusinessThis exclusive glassware set is exactly what a Finjaan looks like just with added class and style. This set is made by professional glass makers in Italy and makes the perfect business gift or self purchase to serve your Gahwa in to your office guests and business meetings. The base is specially created using the most sophisticated technology and then they are decorated completely by hand by experienced craftsmen in this field. To purchase this beautiful set now, please visit our website at: http://www.smstrading.ae/blog/product/caffe-deborah-cup/?type=Arabic coffee refers to a sumptuously flavored version of coffee brewed from Arabica coffee beans that is one of the two prominent species of coffee beans, another being Robusta. In most Arab countries across the Middle East, serving coffee is an important part of their warm hospitality and tradition. In fact, they have developed their own unique way of brewing and preparing the coffee. Though unanimously referred to as Arabic coffee, it is categorized into two: Al-Qahwa (Saudi coffee) Turkish-style coffee. While Qahwa is prepared using heavily roasted beans, Turkish coffee is made with roasted and finely grounded Arabica coffee beans. In UAE, it is mostly called Khaleeji. Speaking of its preparation, it is mostly made in a traditional coffee pot, namely, dallah. A variety of items such as cardamom, cloves, and saffron, in addition to coarsely grounded Arabic coffee beans, can be used for its making.  


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