Most Popular Promotional Products for Marketing in 2017

Promoting a business and associated services by giving out branded items has been a common tradition in the corporate world. Over the years, though the basic idea has been the same, the products used for promotion has evolved to reflect the evolution in society. We went through the latest trends in the promotional products industry as published by PPAI, the international organization for promotional activities and news. We have put together a list of what could be a winning promotional item for your company this year, so take a look below!

#1 Electronics

Well, no surprises here. With cellphones being an integral part of life today, there is nothing more useful that you can give than something that aids its use. Power banks, chargers, ear buds… You have a great list of items to choose from, and you aren’t going to go wrong with these. We recommend Earstand earphones which comes in a supercool case that doubles as a phone stand. You can purchase this item here.

Earstand Earphones

#2 Fun Apparel

Gone are the days when you could pull the whole thing off with simple basic t shirts and caps. Think of people you know and you’d realize that none of them would want plain boring t shirts now. You are not really sending a good image with such outdated gifts either. Apparel is still in however; you only have to keep up with today’s trends. That means being unique, and using materials and designs that are innovative. Go for recycled materials and you can send a good CSR message with that as well. Apparel of your choice are available for custom design at smstrading.org.

#3 Drinkware

Drinkware is something that works in every household, so don’t leave it out from your products. The trend has moved from utility alone to a combination of utility and looks. So choose bottles that have attractive designs. The consumer of drinkware is very diverse, so incorporating a one-size-fits-all strategy in design is crucial. We think this Stainless Steel car mug can be a great promotional gift, as it also allows you to heat your drink in uour car. Buy now at SMS Trading.

A mix of utility and looks in drinkware

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