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At this time of year, we can’t help but get excited when someone mentions the word ‘picnic’. Immediately we’re greeted with visions of assorted Fatayer, some Shai or Gahwa and LOTS of Baklava.This year, why not take your love for picnicking to a whole new level. In anticipation of the October un-humid breeze, we want to inspire you with giving your picnics a theme with matching textures and tastes of a country or topic, for the ultimate picnic party experience.Here are some examples of themed picnic parties:

The picnic essentials are still absolutely necessary, and on our new website we offer a variety of handy gadgets, accessories and tools that will make your picnic experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Such as the Energy Brick, we have a selection of practical power banks to recharge your phone with, a Thermos Colorissimo, we have nice thermal flask sets to keep your drinks nice and warm, sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes, Parix hand fan for those slightly hot evenings, or even travel size chess to stay ammused ;)So pay us a visit at: http://www.smstrading.ae/blog/


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