PSL Design Brand – What It Means To Us All

As you have been seeing on our website we have been selling products from PSL Design brand – that brand that represents quality, style and innovation. We thought we will give you a brief about this brand in today’s blog post.PSL Design stands for practical yet stylish products, created to be integrated in everyday life. From the first sketches on white paper to the final product, in over fifteen years of product development, the design team has remained faithful to extraordinary designs.The success of PSL Design products has inspired a wide range of products, all distinctive, colorful and fun, without compromising on quality or affordability.PSLdesignAbout the designersPSL Design products are designed by motivated people with passion for products and design. Therefore their designers are constantly searching for the latest in technology and creating the most innovative items. In the past they have introduced the original USB People, e-Paper techology, the Genius Watch, slap on watch, Chain USB, Bellboy, etc.Their Design Centre is fully dedicated to create new innovative products and designs and plays a crucial role in their success in product innovation and the creation their PSL Design items.In this fast-paced environment, they lean on their own design centre, the support of manufacturing partners, external designers and institutes like universities as TU Delft in the Netherlands.AwardsThe passionate work and unique skills of the design team has resulted in acknowledgements all over the world. Multiple items have been awarded for being truly innovative and proved to be real profit generators for the companies that embraced these items in their promotional activities.PSL ProductsTo view and shop for PSL products please go to our website: http://www.smstrading.ae/blog/brand/psl/ 


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