Ramadan Gift Guide 2017

Another Ramadan is at our doorstep! While we are hastening to maximize our good deeds and minimize the bad ones, let’s not forget to keep those around us happy. In this month of sharing and giving, surprise your loved ones with these gifts! 

#1 Arabic Sweets

We couldn’t go past this box of decadence. What could be better than three tiers of deliciousness packed in an elegant box? Better yet, there is something for everyone with a sweet tooth! Baklava, dates, Swiss Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, Stuffed Dates.. You name it, you can find it in our Special Gift Set! Buy Now at just AED 175!

#2 Emirati Wooden Date Box

Go classic Emirati with this box of best-quality dates and dry fruits and spread the spirit of Ramadan. We have added some Belgian sweets to the collection as well, for the chocolate-lover! Buy Now!


#3 Arabic Sweets Gift Box!
This HUGE selection of sweet surprises will cost you only AED 260! A perfect gift for your entire family, don’t you think! Luxury dates, Belgian Chocolates, and Chocolate covered dates make up this sweet package, all in an adorable gift box. Buy Now!


#4 Tivera Knife Set

With all the extra cooking that’s going on, the women of your house are going to thank you for this one. The Tivera Knife Set can be such a lifesaver, and yet a beautiful addition to kitchen cutlery. It’s style and functionality combined, and comes with a wooden holder to boot!

#5 Antonio Miro Tea Infuser Set

Bring that zing back to your tea this Ramadan with the Antonio Miro Tea Infuser Set. This stainless steel product is extremely affordable, and yet can be so handy. It also saves a lot of effort set to make tea more enjoyable. Buy Now!

Love our products? We have so many great products and offers in store for you this Ramadan and Eid. Stay tuned for amazing Eid Gifts! Meanwhile, you can visit our website and experience the best offers in town!



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