SPOCAM for the Adventurist

If you are into extreme sports, you may be well aware of the challenges of recording your experiences with all the speed and action. But not anymore, as SMS Trading brings the best of sports action camera to UAE so that you can freeze your moments forever, whether you are high up in the air and about to free-fall, or you are deep under water.

The Spocam or Sports Action Camera is a waterproof and lightweight video recorder with a 720p resolution that can be fixed anywhere and everywhere, providing the flexibility that is required for shooting extreme sports. These cameras record high quality videos and allow instant replay of recordings. The Spocam is ideal for you if you cherish adventure and frequently plan extreme sport outings. The product comes with  a complete set of accessories and a waterproof casing. Below are the specifications of Spocam:

DSP + Sensor : 1521 + 1004720p + waterprrof

Video: 720 pixels 30 fps

Super Wide Angle Lens: 140 degree

Waterproof: Up to 30m

Shooting mode; Single Shot/Self-Timer(2S/5S/10S/ Continuous Shooting)

Multi- Language

Storage: Micro SDHC card( not included)

Battery: 900mAh ( 1080 about 70 mins)

Resolution of photo: 12M 4000x 3000

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