Stay Organized with the Power Bank Wallet

How often have you dug through all your pockets to find your keys, or phone? Now that phone accessories are increasing, we have something or the other for each of our pant pockets! The power bank is the latest addition, compensating for the disadvantage of limited cell phone batteries. Since much of our life depends on  a cell phone that’s switched on, power banks save us when we can’t find a power outlet. 

Everything is not all rosy, as expected however. Power banks, or portable chargers, are sure portable. But that doesn’t make carrying them around any easier. For starters, we don’t have enough pockets to dump them in. Secondly, power banks are not always the smallest item we carry. 

Not all is lost, though! Our problems may have a solution with the daily use power bank wallet. Shaped as a wallet, this extremely useful object has pockets for ID cards and cash on one side, and a charging carrier for phones with a tiny cable on the other. Now you can pack all your valuables in a neat and compact bundle. 

The daily use power bank wallet

The best bit is that these wallets come with a digital screen on the back that displays the charge of your battery. Amazing, don’t you think? It comes in variety of colors, so don’t waste any time and visit our website at SMS Trading to buy your wallet before it’s gone! We ensure smooth and fast delivery across UAE. 



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