The Art of Gifting-Gift Card Edition


Did you know that gift cards have been the most popular choice for giving and receiving gifts, for nearly a decade now? Gift Card Granny has put together a few interesting statistics regarding gift cards.

The status of gift cards as a favorite gift item comes as no surprise, however, as most of us have experienced the pain of buying gifts that make everyone happy. Even if you know what they want on their special day, you are still going to be confused about the minor details. The color of the bag, the brand of the watch, the size of the dress… You never know what is perfect. A gift card is your savior. All you need to do is to get a card to a great place and let your loved one choose for him/herself.

Regardless, we do hesitate while buying gift cards. Aren’t they a little thoughtless? The recipient may feel that you have put very less thought into it. Yes, gift cards are easy. But in the end they have a greater chance of garnering satisfaction. So how do we tackle this problem?

There is a simple way to give gift cards that will make your loved one forget anything about lack of effort. All you need to do is give something personal along with the gift card! Perhaps a greeting card, better if handmade, or a souvenir that reminds you both of a shared memory will work wonders.

Abu Umar Abdurahman

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