The Now in Music Technology- Vibration Speakers

Listening to music has gone through a range of huge changes over the last century, starting from the invention of the first musical instrument. The evolution has been progressive, and now music is accessible at our fingertips whenever we want, wherever we want. It has reached a point where artists release their music on public platforms, and we can play the latest tracks on our smart phones. Accessibility is at its highest point, but has quality evolved the same way?

While listening to music on mobile devices has its obvious merits, it does pose some challenges. The biggest one is the quality of sound on speakers. Mobile speakers are rarely satisfactory, and offer low sound, sometimes distorted. An alternative has been portable speakers, which also does not do much when it comes to quality of sound. Then comes vibration speakers, lauded as the best so far. You can enjoy quality sound simply by placing your device on the surface. What’s more, there are no cables or additional items to go with it; all you need are batteries!

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