Travel Light with the Zoom Bluetooth Keyboard

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There was a time when businessmen and laptops were inseparable. You couldn’t picture a travelling businessman without a laptop. Gone are those days, as today everything is literally accessible at our fingertips. Why carry a laptop with you when you can use your smartphone for all your needs?

But you may argue that it is difficult to spend a lot of time doing serious work on a smart phone. Typing a lot is in fact a tedious task when you are using a smartphone. That’s where laptops have the edge; typing is much more smoother when there’s a keyboard.

However, with a Bluetooth keyboard, you can take your smartphones a step ahead. You can now enjoy the flexibility and accuracy offered by laptops without actually carrying around heavy devices. We at SMS Trading bring you the Zoom Bluetooth Keyboard for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Designed to detect devices within 10m, this keyboard is extremely functional and allows you to freely type on your device. The keyboard is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems. The keyboard also comes in a protective cover which can be doubled as a stand for your device.

Buy the Zoom Bluetooth Keyboard for just AED 250 at SMS Trading!

You don’t have to carry a ton of equipment next time you go on a trip. Just grab your phone and pack the Zoom keyboard, and you are good to go. ┬áVisit our website for more products in the UAE to enhance your business trips!


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