What is a wish list and how do they work?

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SMS Trading has thoughtfully included a Wishlist feature on their Gifts Website. But in order for their visitors to use this to its full advantage it’s important to clarify what it is and how it works 😉

So what is a wishlist?

There are two types of wish lists: personal (or organizational) wish lists, and software user wish lists. On our website when we mention the word wishlist we are referring to the personal wishlist not the software user wishlist.Personal (or organizational) wish lists compile an itemization of goods or services they desire. The list’s author will then distribute copies of this list to family, friends, and others who are likely to purchase gifts for the would-be recipient. The goal of a wish list is to facilitate communication between the gift receiver and the gift giver. Wish lists often contain items that a gift purchaser can obtain from a variety of retailers, in our case it would be items within our website that your friends or your family members can view and purchase for you, or you view theirs when wanting to purchase a gift for them.So please sign up to this feature to start adding to your wishlist. If you have family or friends that also have accounts with us you can view each others wishlists before a special occasion ie: wedding, Christmas or Eid. It will save the embarrassment of asking what they want or need and you can choose something more suited to your budget without them knowing ;)We would highly recommend this useful service and welcome any feedback from you in our comments section, we thank you for your custom and interest, and thank you for reading!


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